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The Car Nutz would like to build a float for this years winter carnival. we need at least 8+ member to help plan, help build and be on the float . A meeting will be held this coming Thursday  17th,  7pm at Wayne's house 59 Pine St Newport. Please show interest, we have an idea for the float but are open for and suggestions. 

If any questions you can call Wayne.













The Car Nutz would like to thank everyone for all the support that we got this past year. We are so looking forward to the Cruise Season of 2019.

As for our "Snowbirds"....enjoy your time out of the Tundra and come back safe in the spring.


In the meanwhile in Wayne's Garage, he is building another truck....hopefully it all goes well and it is done by cruise season ....ummmm.... will it be as Nice as "Waynebuilt"? OR BETTER!






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