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If you would like to become a member, click on the Membership Ap link to download the Application form and mail it to 480 Unity Road, Newport, NH 03773 or bring it to one of our Cruise Nights.


Ackerman David ,Caroline
Baber Gary
Barbour George JR & Mary
Barton Doug & Judy
Batchelder, Robert & Brenda Mae
Boardman,   Wayne &  Mary
Burby, Robert E.
Caroline, Chad
Clay, Jeremy
Connary, Tom & Sue
Connors, Storm
Cote, Lawrence 
Dufort, Kenneth
Erickson, David
Estees,  John
Fogwill,  Cheyrl
Griffiths, Gary
Hastings, John & Rebecca
Heath, Clayton & Mary
Hendrickson, Bob & Joyce
Hooper, Sally & Mike
Keith W.Drew
Langlois,  Wally & Jeannett 
Lee,  Alan
Little, Ed & Charleen
Mader, David & Karen
Mitchell, Billy
Kelley, Nathan
Osgood, Joe & Elaine
Schinck,   Ed & Judy
Schwarts Robert & Mauri
Shackett, Kiley
Smith, Edmund & Gail
Smith, Wes & Joy
Stone, Harold
Swan, Jim
Topolewski, Nancy & Jack
Wentworth, Ann
Wentworth, Cliff & Sheri Mead
Williams, Michel



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